Best job in the world!

Ever heard of the best job in the world?

Queensland tourism run a competition to be employed as a “park ranger”, where you get to do lots of cool things in Queensland and blog about it for the world to see. Calling it the “best job in the world” is a pretty big claim, but I think it would be hard to beat.

The current ranger is Elisa, from France, and she actually visited my corner of the world! Usually they focus on the tropical north and miss the great central Queensland. But we got a visit this time. You can read her blog post here:!18-capricorn-southern-great-barrier-ree/c2uo

This post was about her visit to the Capricorn Region – Rockhampton, Yeppoon, Great Keppel Island, Byfield National Park (Yeppoon), Heron Island (usually accessed via Gladstone) and Myella Farmstay.

I have been to Great Keppel, and have fantastic memories. However, I was about 8 years old, so it’s probably time I went back!

I have been to Heron Island twice, and highly recommend it. The Island is stunning, you can snorkel the reef right off the beach. They also run tours (very reasonably priced) out to further dive/snorkel sites, or to take you reef fishing. At this time of year you can also see turtles laying eggs at night. The resort is also lovely, and I remember some fantastic cocktails …even writing this is making me miss it!

I have never been to Byfield, so I have added it to my list for the near future. Unfortunately I don’t love 4 wheel driving, so I may have to find someone who does and tag along with them.

Anyway, hope this whets your appetite for the region! Thanks for the visit Elisa. And now I’m off to update my resume for the next round of job applications…

2 thoughts on “Best job in the world!

  1. It’s WAY past time I re-visited Bundaberg & surrounds!! Although there’s a little less of an incentive now we can get Bundy Ginger Beer & the other great drinks y’all make up there down south!!

    • You definitely need to visit us again soon. A local shop, Nana’s Pantry, make gelato based on the Bundy brewed drinks, and they are awesome – can’t get that down south! Bundy Rum liquer (also divine) can only be bought at the distillery, so you should try that as well. Plus all the other great things around here, of course! Thanks for the comment and for following.

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