Queensland’s Best Beaches – and Bargara is one of them!

Look what popped up on my facebook feed today! Queensland Tourism’s list of Queensland’s best beaches.

Yep, I’m a sucker for a list. Don’t we all just have to look to see if we agree, or to stamp our foot in outrage if we don’t?

Anyway, there are 18 beaches on this list, all of which I have visited (go me!). Three are in good old central Queensland.

This list was supposedly complied from “fans” answers on social media. If that is true, then I am stoked that we got three on the list. All of the others are in the tourist meccas – Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Whitsundays and Cairns/Port Douglas/Daintree – so you would expect them to receive a lot more votes. Also, there are apparently 84 patrolled beaches in Queensland – and hundreds more unpatrolled ones – so having three in the top 18 is pretty good.

So, which of our beaches made the list?


My local! The township of Bargara actually has two main beaches (Bargara and Kelly’s) as well as a few other smaller ones. They are both great swimming beaches, with enough surf to make it interesting while still being very safe. Unfortunately, Bargara Beach is not well signed, and people often mistake the small beach in the hub of Bargara as the Bargara Beach and don’t go looking for the bigger, better, patrolled beach 1km north.

75 Mile Beach, Fraser Island

The longest beach in Queensland. Fraser Island is absolutely stunning, and this beach is no exception – approximately 75 miles of white sand with deep blue water. The downside? Not a great swimming beach, as it is unpatrolled, has rough water and stingers. The beach itself is also used as a highway for the 4WD vehicles. I have heard it is good for fishing though.

Rainbow Beach

Only just in Central Queensland, this beach is north-east of Gympie. Called Rainbow Beach due to the brightly coloured sand dunes, it is well worth a visit. I haven’t been since I was a kid, so I really need to go back – and the nearby Cooloola National Park and Great Walk are also good reasons to go.

My favourite beach? Well, it didn’t make the list at all. Most of those on the list are beautiful beaches, but they have now been built up with shops and resorts and are so full of people you can’t find a patch on your own. Great news if you want a coffee, not so great if you are looking for a park.

My favourite beach is Woodgate Beach, about 45 minutes south of Bundy. No buildings above 2 stories, water so calm you don’t need it to be patrolled, and a beach so long you can always, always find your own stretch to have all to yourself. I will write a full post on this lovely place another day. But for now, I’m actually glad it didn’t make the list – it’s a local secret for just a little bit longer.

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