Winter in the Sunshine State

According to the ABC online, this morning was the coldest Bundaberg morning since 1966. At 3.57am, it was 2.5 degrees celsius.

That, my friends, is why I love this place. Although there are certainly warmer places in Australia at this time of year, this is about as bad as we get. It still got up to 22 during the day, with clear sunny skies.

Personally, I’m a summer girl all the way. I struggle through this weather, especially because our life here is not built around the cold weather. My house has no heating, and no-one owns a big heavy coat because you only get to use it for one week a year.

But it is only a week or so every year. This year it’s dragging on a little more than I would like, but it still isn’t that bad. It certainly makes me grateful for my electric blanket!


Winter weather

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